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We support projects in agriculture, education and tourism since 1891.


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Projects for 2016
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Beit Yehuda school rocket launch
Rocket physics was selected as a subject for using ICA grant at Beit Yehuda school
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Teacher of the Country
Dr. Shiri Mazor was recently awarded the "Teacher of the Country" prize
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Educational accelerator

ICA supports an educational accelerator for high school pupils and teachers in the Western Galilee
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Prawns in Kibbutz Dan
The attached photo bears the ICA sign on the door of the hatchery for Macrobrachium prawn at Kibbutz Dan, a project approved by ICA a year ago.
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Agro Project Summary
In 2015-2016, ICA Israel supported the establishment of a precision agriculture and agricultural technology branch at the Ein Shemer Ecological Greenhouse.
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Forum of Entrepreneurs in Education

The second tour in 2016 focused on the Tamar Regional Council region.
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